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Yucatan Peninsula

August 4th - August 16th 2019

We flew into Cancun and rented a car to drive deep into the jungle of Yucatan, where Mayan ruins are standing tall as witnesses of an ancient world. We ate some great authentic food in colorful, friendly villages along the way. Afterwards, we explored some of the cenotes of the Riviera Maya. This world under the jungle is nothing like we have ever seen, the water is crystal clear, the stone formations are incredible and the light show is mind blowing. Underwater photography is a whole different animal and we tremendously enjoy to improve our scuba diving skills and underwater photography technique. The world underwater is exciting and we feel like children exploring it. For the last part of our stay, we join a photography trip organized by wet pixel to witness the yearly aggregation of whale sharks off the Isla Mujeres. No words can describe what it feels like to snorkel and free dive with these gentle giants in the deep open ocean.

Red Rock Formations

November 9th - November 12th 2018

It was long overdue: Visit Canyonlands and Arches National Parks near Moab, UT. We got in late Thursday night and got up early on Friday to catch the sunrise at Mesa Arch! And it was stunning. The red stone formations carved our over millions of years by the Colorado river are breath taking - and hidden therein are messages from our ancestors. Our favorite day was to hike in the remote Needles District of Canyonlands National Park - we followed the cairns carefully through Elephant Canyon to the majestic Druid Arch, where we photographed the sunset. Well, that meant hiking back in the dark - luckily we were prepared!

Moonscape I - Elephant Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Needles District, UT 2018

Winter Wonderland

January 21st - January 30th 2018

We flew to Bozeman Montana and travelled from there to Mammoth Hot Springs where we spent four nights to visit Lamar Valley. Then, a snow coach took us to the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful. Visiting Yellowstone in winter is nothing short of a wonderland. The extremely cold temperatures together with the hot water of the geysers create a land of fire and ice. The colors of the pools contrast against the white snow. Wildlife viewing is incredible. We were lucky enough to observe the Wapiti Wolf Pack up close - they were feeding on an elk carcass they took down the night before. The interactions and facial expressions of these animals are amazing. We concluded our trip by spending two nights in Jackson Hole, WY - one of our favorite places on earth.

Eastern Sierra Nevada

September 22nd - September 25th 2017

We love to visit Bishop, CA. Not only is the drive through Yosemite beautiful, but Owens Valley offers countless outdoor activities and the landscape is incredibly diverse. On the western side of the valley,  there is the Sierra Nevada with it's alpine lakes and forests. In  Owens Valley, there are rocks with petroglyphs,  climbing opportunities and geothermal features. On the eastern side of the valley,  there are the White Mountains with  old Bristlecone trees, and the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley are only a short (but rugged 4-wheel drive) away. Every time of the year, this place changes its costume with the seasons, so we never get tired to visit. And night time photography is incredible, civilization is quite far away.

Oahu - off the beaten path

July 27th - August 4th 2017

We have never been to Oahu, HI - because we thought the it was touristy and overcrowded. We finally made it in summer 2017. And we were astounded by the beautiful landscape and remote locations. The barrier reef on the east shore, the only one in Hawaii, builds a lagoon and gives the water all these colors of pastel green and blue. Kayaking in Kaneohe Bay is quite the adventure and the Koolau Range is breath taking. We will definitively be back.

While you were sleeping

July 3rd to July 10th 2016

This was our second trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National parks in Wyoming - and this time the beauty of these places really blew us away. Not sure if it was the cooperative weather or the fact that we worked hard and looked so forward to that break. The most breath taking moment was to watch the milky way dance above the volcanic landscape - it was like visiting another planet in another galaxy, and we realized how small and insignificant we are. 

While you were sleeping - Yellowstone NP, 2016

Dogsledding in East Greenland

March 19th to March 26th 2016

We embarked on a journey with inuit hunters to explore the vast and wild landscapes of East Greenland. The dog sled expedition took us across frozen fjords to the small settlement of Sermiliqaaq. Many thanks to Rich from Pirhuk, our fearless leader, and the hunters Mugu and Justus. We are in awe of this untouched frozen land and your incredible way of taming its wild nature. We had the time of our life.

Swimming with Humpback Whales in Tonga

August 20thiest to September 3rd 2015

Initially, the entire trip seemed to fall apart - but eventually, it still happened: we travelled to Tonga to swim with the majestic Humpback whales. And it was an experience of a life time. The boys from really made our days on the waters of Vava'u - we love you guys.

Curious and playful calf - mother is watching

Sailing to Antarctica on board of bark "Europa"

January 11th to February 1st 2015

We signed on board  of tall ship Europa as trainees to embark on a journey of a lifetime. We were part of the voyage crew and helped to sail the boat across the dreaded Drake passage to the Antarctic peninsula. The photographs taken during this voyage attempt to capture the beauty of the tall ship "Europa" as a symbol of the accomplishments of human kind as well as the majesty of the Antarctic continent, the last true wilderness on our planet Earth.

A huge Thank You to the permanent crew of the bark "Europa" for their commitment to teach the skill of sailing a tall ship across the oceans. Without them, this adventure would not have been possible.

The power of the universe

4th of July weekend 2014

There are moments that are self-fulfilled - there seems to be a crack in time and space, future and past flow together and we are at complete peace. A clear night was forecasted, we prepared for a night outside and drove from Bishop, CA to the White Mountains known for its ancient trees. The half moon lit up a 4000 year old bristlecone. The milky way rose behind. We were in awe of the scene. 

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